Iroquois Tradition

Iroquois Leadership:
Chief – Steve Johnson
Medicine Man – TBA
Sachem Chiefs – Darren Wagner, Greg Barmer, Matt Novell, Adam JamesTribe Chief Email Contact

Iroquois Meeting Time:
2nd Tuesday of each month
6:30pm at Turtle Rock Community Center*
(Turtle Rock Dr & Sunnyhill)
*NOTE: Location may be changed and/or varying month-by-month for 2017/2018 – stay tuned.


Girls attending Bonita Canyon Elementary, Turtle Rock Elementary or living in Turtle Rock community of Irvine make up the majority of the Iroquois Tribe. We also have girls from Our Lady Queen of Angels (OLQA).

Iroquois Cheer

“We are the Iroquois, the mighty, mighty Iroquois.
Everywhere we go, people want to know
Who we are, where we come from
So we tell them

We are the Iroquois and we couldn’t be prouder.
And if you can’t hear us, we’ll sing a little louder…

Bricker bracker firecracker sis boom bah!
Iroquois, Iroquois, rah, rah, rah!

Tribe Meetings

When: 2nd Tuesday of the month
Where: Turtle Rock Community Center at 6:30 pm

What We Do: At the meetings, we have an authentic tribal opening ceremony with Chief and Chief’s daughter in head-dresses, Princesses and Dads in native vests, beating drums, and talking-stick sharing..

There are birthday celebrations with gifts and singing, plus introductions of new members and new Indian Princess names.

The Chief and other Dads tell amazing stories about animals, nature, and events around the council “fire”.

We discuss and plan coming events, activities, and excursions as well as practice cheers and skits for overnight outings.

There are crafts and activities (sometimes with Dads and Princesses working together) along with a special snack.

It is fun to be with just our own tribe and spend time together with our girls.