Chippewa traditions

Chippewa Leadership:
Chief – Mark Ford
Medicine Man – Shawn Monterastelli
Sachem Chiefs – David Speirs, John Chen, Dmitry Sotnikov
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Chippewa Meeting Time

2nd Thursdays of each month
7:00 pm at Woodbridge South Lake Clubhouse


This Tribe draws from two communities within Woodbridge, including Meadow Park and Springbrook elementary schools.

Chippewa Cheer

We don’t miss our Mamas.
We have fun with Papas.
We’re the Chippewas,
And we’re “Chippewasome!”

Typical Chippewa Meeting

When: the 2nd Thursday of the month

Where: South Lake Lagoon

What We Do: The Princesses play outside while the Braves meet for 15 minutes. The girls come in and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Then the Chief’s daughter beats the drum for each girl in attendance.

Next, the Princesses discuss with their Brave an activity they did together in the last month. The “talking stick” is passed around and only the person holding it is suppose to speak. Each girl shares her name, Princess name and what that activity they did with their father.

A Native American-themed craft is next. We have beads for tribal dress and celebrate birthdays and loose teeth. We do our tribal cheer and then close with the Benediction: “May the Great Chief of all Great Chiefs be with you, and you and you, now and forever! Wahoka!” as we raise an imaginary arrow to the sky and let it fly. A snack completes the meeting.

New Tradition: Each year, the Princesses paint Native American silhouettes and handprints on the Tribal teepee. They also document their Princess names and their Braves’ names.


The Chippewa have had a kickoff campout for the last ten years at the Woodbridge South Lake Lagoon in August.